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GriptionGeeks is a specialist lead generation company.  We get you targeted leads that are ready to sign on the dotted line.

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We are confident in our ability to generate leads for you.  If we fail to deliver the quoted number of leads, we will be giving you your money back.

The GriptionGeeks Solution for You

Tried-and-Tested System

Here at GriptionGeeks, we help our clients get more leads using our wider digital marketing expertise and our Tried-and-Tested Marketing System, which brings in new leads for you 24/7; without you worrying about it yourself.


Targeted Audience

GriptionGeeks always aim to deliver high quality leads for your business.  To ensure you get clients that are ready to sign on the dotted line, we will work closely with you to understand your targeted audience persona in order to deliver high quality leads for you.  That is how we are able to provide super quality leads for you consistently.

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The Benefits of using GriptionGeeks

After you have signed up with us and as part of the on-boarding process, you'll be contacted by us to complete a client questionnaire.  Once we have started working on your behalf, you will get:


Real-Time Leads

You'll be notified in real time when a new leads submit their information.  You can then get in contact with the newly acquired leads (who are interested in your services and ready to sign on the dotted line) to close them.


High-Graded Customers

By working with GriptionGeeks, you can target your desired customer based on their demographics and their buying behaviour.  These high graded customers will most probably be more aligned to your business values and more likely to be repeat customers.


Passive Exposure

GriptionGeeks, working on your behalf, in its marketing effort would invariably mean letting people made aware of your company's product/services.  This, itself, could be a source of future customers are they are now already made aware of your company's product/services.


Flexible Plans

Our Leads Plans are flexible to cater to your needs.  We have Monthly or Single-Campaign Lead Plans. The Monthly Lead Plan is perfect for a steady stream of leads whereas Single Campaign Lead Plan is best for specific business needs.  Please get in contact to discuss your needs with us.